Buying Used Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Oct 30, 2007

Buying a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle is fairly easy. All you have to do is pick a model, visit local dealers, test drive the Harley, and pay in financing or in full. However, buying a used Harley-Davidson motorcycle is a different story. Since it is already used, you should be more extra careful in closing your deal immediately. Here are the things you shouldconsider if you want to buy used Harley-Davidson motorcycle:
Motorcycle history – Since you are not aware of things that have happened while you are yet the owner of the motorcycle, you need to know its history. Here you will learn if it was involved on accidents or have been submerged under water. These information are vital since you want to buy a good used Harley.

Price – One of the reasons why you buy used Harley-Davidson motorcycle is because you want to save. If you are not aware of the current market value of the model you are buying, then it is time for you to make some research.

Overall Condition – Whether you are buying a 1978 or a 2005 model, you have to consider the overall condition of the motorcycle. Never disregard this since you will be the one who will take the whole responsibility of your purchase in case you have bought an ill-maintained motorcycle.Check the exterior or the motorcycle as well as its performance. Like buying used cars, you should check everything and test-drive the vehicle. Check the sound and the engine. Check for rusts, dents, and other things that may affect the price of the Harley.

Mileage – Since the mileage reading is the main basis of the price of the any type of used vehicle including the Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you must check it and base it on the price being offered.

Proximity – This may not be very important for some. But for those who want to get to see the used Harley motorcycle being sold, location is very important. If a Harley-Davidson seller happens to be near you, you can easily visit and have the deals made fast.

Owner’s background – This does not mean you have to investigate thoroughly the owner by hiring an investigator and make a report for you. All you have to do is to ask the seller questions related on how does he take care of the motorcycle while in his possession. Or, if you happen you have a chance to meet the owner, be observant on the things around him. Surely, you will get clear idea on how well he is as a motorcycle owner.

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Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Top Five Trucks For Gas Mileage

A few years ago, people would scoff at you if you told them that you were looking for trucks with the best gas mileage. But, as truck sales began to slip downwards, manufacturers started giving due importance to this factor. Today, there has been a dramatic change in the scenario.

The rising costs of gas, has propelled potential truck buyers to go for trucks that can meet their gas mileage demands. Truck makers have now taken firm steps to improve the fuel economy of their makes at all levels.

Usually the ranking of the top five trucks based on gas mileage is founded on a combination factors. The prime parameters are the fuel economy rating given by EPA, the transmission of the vehicle, and its inherent popularity amongst car buyers. The formula for calculation for most gas mileage rankings is a combination of the city mpg rating, which forms 55 percent of criterion, and the highway mpg rating that completes the remaining criteria.

It is really very difficult to bring forth a list that enumerates the top 5 trucks on the basis of fuel efficiency. Not one, not two, but three trucks hold the first rank. This spot is shared by the 2006 Ford Ranger one of the premier trucks that are out in the market today. Ford has made it a point to come out with trucks that offer the best gas mileage. This is why most of their newer models find a place on the best gas mileage list year after year.

However, all the trucks, which feature in the list, have the same engine; the 2006 Ford Ranger is a supremely refined version of its older model that came out in 2005. It has the better off-road capability then other trucks in the rankings and is one of the best alternatives in your search for a truck giving you the best gas mileage.

The completely redesigned 2006 Toyota Tacoma comes next in the list. The Toyota Tacoma is one of the roomier trucks available in the market and its looks are an epitome of sophistication. The only disadvantage of the 2006 Toyota Tacoma is its price tag. It is more expensive then the others.

If you are looking for something on the cheaper side then the 2006 Mazda B-series is the truck that you must go for. A fuel-efficient truck delivers on its promise. It is called in some circles as the bargain pickup truck. Don’t expect styling and comfort but you do get an unashamed practicality with this vehicle.

The Toyota Tundra is the next in line of your picks. It comes with 4.0 liter V6 engine that is geared to give you competitive gas mileage. The truck gives you a mileage of 20 /mpg on the highway and a 16/mpg when you drive in the city.

The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 comes a close fifth in the rankings. It comes with a mild hybrid engine that enables the electric motor to keep the vehicles running when idle so the gas engine can be shut off.

Description: When looking for trucks with great gas mileage, the list can be pretty large. You will have a wide variety to choose from. Select the one that best suits your requirement. This article lists out the top five!

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Top Five Trucks For Gas Mileage

Applying For Truck Permits

Applying for truck permits can be a big hassle, especially if you don't know the right place to go to, and the rules and regulations of getting a license issued in your name.

There is a lot of paper work involved, and you have to comply with many legal formalities. Truck drivers and heavy duty vehicle owners seek companies and organizations that can assist them to get permits issued in their name. Hence, as the demand and supply function behaves, we see many agencies that provide this service, popularly referred to as a truck permit service.

The agencies providing the truck permit service have to comply with the rules and regulations laid down by the authorized body.

Most of the companies provide the following services to the clients looking for truck permits.

Interstate Truck line Permits - The organizations assist individuals to acquire interstate Truck permits. This is necessary for heavy duty vehicles running on highways and carrying goods.

Temporary Truck Permits - the formalities, involved in getting a valid license are many, therefore, it takes a couple of week or sometimes even moths, to get a permanent license. Truck permit service providers help in getting temporary trucks permits issued in their client's name.

SSRS or Single State Registrations - As the governing authority may demand, the trucks operating in particular areas have to comply with Single State Registration regulations.

Compliance with FMCSA/MC rules and regulations - All forms have to be duly filled out, and it is to be ensured that the heavy duty vehicle operator has complied with all FMCSA laws.

Driver's Examination and Licensing Programs - The truck permit service providers play an important role in this aspect, they guide the drivers through out the examination program, and ensure, that a license is granted to them.

Drugs and Alcohol testing programs. - This is one of the most important aspects of the licensing program for the drivers.

Road Taxes, heavy duty vehicle operating permissions. - Before truck permits are granted, all road taxes and similar dues have to be cleared and heavy duty vehicle operating permission is required from the concerned authorities.

Another factor to consider when applying for a truck permit is the local, state, and federal fees involved. Many times you may be better off registering for the permit via another route so as to avoid the excessive fees that some areas charge.

Whatever type of truck permit you are applying for though be sure and complete all requirements so you do not get yourself in legal trouble.

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Truck Permits

Hybrid Trucks

With the increasing concern about environmental issues such as pollution and global warming, as well as the unbelievable rise in the price of gasoline, it is no wonder that hybrid vehicles are gaining popularity. Hybrid cars have been relatively common for years, with hybrid Sport Utility Vehicles in close competition, but what about hybrid trucks? We don't see those too often. Automotive manufacturing giant General Motors, however, believes that will change.

In 2005, GM introduced hybrid versions of the Chevy Silverado and the GMC Sierra in Florida, California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Alaska. In 2006 the company made the vehicles available nationwide. These hybrid pickup trucks have 5.3 liter V-8 engines which have exactly the same amount of power and torque as there non-hybrid counterparts (295 horsepower, 325 pound/feet of torque). They can carry the same size loads, tow the same weights, and accelerate to the same degree that regular non-hybrid GM pickup trucks can. And they do it all while providing the most efficient gas mileage of any full-sized pickup on the market—about 20 miles per gallon on the highway. These hybrid trucks also feature a 2400 watt generator that can be used to power electrical devices, making them ideal for contractors or construction workers......

When compared to the Toyota Prius, a small hybrid car that gets 50 miles per gallon, 20 mpg might not sound like much. It is in fact only about a 10 percent difference from the fuel consumption of regular non-hybrid GM trucks. This is because the Prius is what is known as a “full hybrid,” which means that its internal combustion engine can shut off completely when the car is idle or driving at low speeds, relying solely on battery power and drastically improving fuel efficiency. This type of fuel savings is great, but it requires a significant compromise of power, which is something that the general pickup truck owner simply will not stand for.

Many truck owners use their vehicles for work related purposes, such as hauling heavy loads, and it is essential that a hybrid pickup truck be able to do this. If automotive manufacturers sacrifice power to gain fuel economy in hybrid trucks, their customers will disappear. Acutely aware of this, General Motors has decided that a little improvement is better than none at all.

Hybrid Cars and Trucks and the Environment

With fossil fuel emissions at levels of billions of tons per year and global warming becoming increasingly obvious, it is clear that sooner or later something must be done. For decades, scientists and researchers have tried to find alternative fuel sources, but there simply was nothing as convenient as the old standby—oil. The oil infrastructure is so vast and developed that is has become impossible to think of cars without thinking of gasoline, and many Americans are loath to change. But they must. Every major city in the country—New York, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, and most notably Las Angeles—is plagued by pollution. The cities are shrouded by smog, there are pollution warnings on weather reports, and at times it is impossible even to take a deep breath without noticing that something is wrong with the air. This is not a world that most of us want to live in. But if more people are willing to take the plunge and buy a hybrid car or truck, the effects over time will be enormous. A hybrid truck might be more expensive initially, but the fuel savings will soon make it worthwhile. And as hybrid technology improves, the cost of these vehicles will no doubt be reduced, making the future a lot brighter, and a lot less smoggy, for the next generation of Earthlings.

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Hybrid Trucks


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Understand Motorcycle Racing

Understand motorcycle racing you see on TV

All the sports channels these days broadcast some sort of motorcycle racing event. They are so many that, at some point, you do not understand what is what, which is which. So, here is a short list of some popular types of motorcycle racing there are out there:

1. Road racing. The best known, since they are best represented by MotoGP and Superbike and by pilots like Valentino Rossi, Mick Duhan or Max Biaggi. This type of races take place on a circuit or on closed roads. Other events include Isle of Man TT, Macau Grand Prix and more.

2. Drag Racing. Sometimes also called sprints, these races involves two bikers riding from a start line, on a short distance, to the finish line. Illegal road racing usually use the same style of racing. These kind of races (drag racing, that is) do not see too much TV time, though.

3. Motocross. This is exactly like road racing, just on harder terrain. Of course, if they use ssuperbikes on circuits, you will see offroad bikes here. Another thing you will notice (besides the difference in the terrain, of course), is that you will see a lot of bikes "flying" around, because of the jumping style later years and advances in motorcycling suspension technology brought. TV sure loves this kind of races, since they are, along with road racing, the stars of TV motorcycling programs.

4. Enduro. Enduro racing tests the endurance of the pilot and the resistance of the bike on a set of different terrains and on a longer period of time than usual racing. Usually, it envolves laps of 10+ miles, on a period of time of 3 to 4 hours, even more. Of course, one of the most important event, though a Rally, is the Dakar Rally.

5. Trials. Ever seen the guys jumping around on their bikes on barrels and boxes? That is indoor trials. Usually, it involves a biker, a time limit and a set of obstacles that the biker has to overpass without puting either of his legs down and, often, without stoping the forward motion. Quite a race of skills, it has a huge fun base and following, coming close to extreme sports.

So, here is a short recap of the most important motorcycle types of racing. When you read sports section, when you watch sports show, you will usually see one of these above. is a site where you can add all the news you read and can read all the news others have found.

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Motorcycle Racing

How To Decide What Used Car To Buy

The majority of people who wish to buy a used car have a clear picture in their mind of the type of car that they want, or at the very least some idea of whether they want a saloon or a hatchback. However by the time they have visited the showroom they can leave the forecourt driving away something very different from what they envisaged.

The reason behind this could be the salesman persuading you away from what you know is the right choice or you simply buy on impulse only to realize your mistake later. Here are some practical tips to help ensure you don’t make a big mistake when it comes to purchasing your car.

The first thing you should take into account is the size of the car; factors to take into consideration here are the size of your garage or drive and whether or not you have a family. If you have a family then purchasing a small two seated model is probably not the right choice. The same applies if you have limited space as then you aren’t going to be able to fit a big car into it.

The size is also determined by the build you are, for example if you are a tall person then you will have to ensure that you have adequate room, you don’t want to have to open the sunroof and stick out your head in order to see where you are going.

Take into account what it is that you need the car for. Are you going to be towing a caravan or attaching a trailer to it on a regular basis? If you are then you should consider a car with a bigger engine such as a four wheel drive. If you only want something to run about in the city then your choice might be better suited to a smaller hatchback model. The car you choose should fit in with your lifestyle.

Another important factor that you should always take into account when considering the type of car is how much it will cost to insure. The size, make and model of the car are all factors that are taken into consideration when it comes to determining the quote for your premium for the car insurance.

Finally, you have the choice of going for a petrol or diesel model; there are many advantages to choosing a diesel model rather than petrol. The diesel engine is considered to be more reliable and the fuel is more economical. However there are bad points too and these include the engine of the car being worked harder which means a major overhaul. Cars that run on diesel are also often overpriced and they aren’t considered to be environmentally friendly when compared to petrol engines.

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Used Car

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Diesel vs. Unleaded: The Truth About Fuel Economy

Oct 29, 2007

Ahh, you remember it, don't you? Sitting in the back of your family's station wagon as a kid, your father pulls up to the gas pump and a station attendant—an occupation about as extinct as the dinosaurs—came running out with a rag in his hand, leaned into the driver's window and said… "Diesel or unleaded?"

Those days are long gone. And I'm not just referring to the attendant. Nowadays, at least in the U.S., you can expect to find three things at a gas pump: self-serve, pay first, and unleaded gasoline only.

Misconceptions about diesel fuel being "dirtier" than unleaded gas several years ago ultimately led to diesel's obsolescence in the more environmentally progressive United States. Car companies began to manufacture cars that, for the most part, ran on traditional gasoline.

In response, however, steps were taken to improve the cleanliness of diesel and now major car companies have begun to sell diesel-powered vehicles to consumers once again.

In the past, especially in the United States, diesel fuel was considerably dirtier than unleaded gasoline. Vehicles in the United States also tended to be built for traditional gasoline, with the exception of large trucks, buses, and semis. In recent years, however, steps have been taken to improve the cleanliness of diesel fuel through regulation, and many companies have begun selling popular consumer cars that run on diesel fuel.

One such company is Isuzu Motors, known for its popular 5-passenger Ascender SUV, and two models of high-performing pick up trucks (the i-290 and i-370). Isuzu's diesel engines have won a laundry list of awards in past years including "Truck of the Year" by Motor Trend Magazine, "Executive Diesel Car of the Year 2002" by Diesel Car Magazine (a publication in the U.K.), "Germany's best small and compact car of the Year 2001" by Mot Magazine (published in Germany), as well as having been named multiple times by Ward's Communications of the U.S. as one of the "10 Best Engines." In addition, Isuzu vehicles were voted the top medium-duty truck brand six times in seven years by truck dealers. Impressive, but not fully convinced that diesel's better? Keep reading…

Diesel fuel actually burns more efficiently than gasoline, thus having a better fuel economy—about 30% more efficient on average. Why?

Diesel is denser than its unleaded competitor. Proponents of gasoline are quick to point out that diesel engines produce more greenhouse emissions, which is true, emissions with diesel are about 15% higher than those of traditional unleaded gas due to higher volumetric energy density. However, the increased fuel efficiency more than offsets the higher percentage, so in the long run, diesels produce less emissions— 15% more per gallon used, but a trip in the good ole family car will use 30% less fuel to get to wherever you're going.

Granted, this wasn't the case with Dad's old wagon. Back then, before the anti-diesel crusade, diesel engines were creating more emissions because they simply weren't efficient. Now, with the modern diesel engine achieving a 20- 40% better fuel economy, it's time to give diesel a second look.

But that's not the only exciting news about diesel. Originally, the diesel engine was created as a way to run vehicles using vegetable oils. While farmers originally couldn't compete with big oil companies, with gas prices soaring, there's been a renewed interest in alternative fuel sources—and food-based diesel fuels can be produced quickly, cheaply, and with the abundance of products grown in our very own country. These "hybrid diesels" also known as "biodiesel" are compatible with existing diesel engines and can also be made from waste oils gathered from restaurants or homes—an alternative that serves several ecological benefits at the same time.

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