How to Find the Right ATV For Kids

May 1, 2008

ATVs are becoming increasingly popular with families and children, and the sport of quad riding can be a great pass time for families and friends alike. But there are many things to consider before you begin riding, especially if you have kids who are beginners. You would not allow your teenager to drive the family car without the proper training, and it is just as important to give children the proper training and preparation for all-terrain vehicles, even though they do not need to legally possess a license to operate one.

When you begin shopping for the right ATV for your child, be sure to consider the following: clearance between the ATV seat and the in-seam, how the upper-legs are positioned, foot length for correct braking, grip reach, throttle reach, and break reach. All of these concerns come down to control. The child should be able to control the ATV properly, without stretching or straining to reach anything. If the child does not fit comfortably on the ATV, then it is simply not the appropriate size. It might be tempting to buy an ATV that the child can "grow into" but it is not safe. Just be prepared to sell the used ATV when the child has grown out of it, or to pass it down to a younger child, friend, or relative......

There is a rough guideline for ATV size and the age of the rider. Children who are six and older can typically handle a 70 cc engine. Children twelve and older can handle a 90 cc engine. People sixteen and older can handle engines larger than 90 cc. Be sure that you do not put a child on an ATV that is too powerful the child to handle. That will lead to dangerous situations and bad accidents. You should also make sure the children are aware of just how much pressure is needed for the throttle and the brake to work properly before they do any off-roading.

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Author: Alex Sutton has worked in the motorsports industry for nearly 11 years. For more information please visit ATVs

How to Find the Right ATV For Kids


Jane said...

Thanks for the tips! This bike is my son's long-dreamed ATV. His dad loves ATV Racing and so does my son but I don't want him to use his father's bike. Gonna check this out! Thanks much :)