Should I Buy From A Used Car Dealer Or Privately?

Mar 30, 2008

Buying a used car from a dealer or buying it privately, which is the best?

Both have their pros and cons and these should be weighed up against the other before any decision is made.

Firstly, going with a dealer you will have a wider choice over the cars on offer, certainly more than you would by going privately.

When buying from a dealer the car will have been cleaned and any faults will have been corrected and it will come with some sort of warranty. When purchasing privately you will be liable to fix any corrections and have to valet the vehicle yourself, plus you will have no comeback if something serious goes wrong within the first year.

Going with a dealer gives you plenty of time to check the car over in perfect lighting conditions; however you might feel rushed or pressured when looking a car over privately.

A dealer usually won’t mind at all if you wish to bring in your own expert to look over the car as they will have nothing to hide. However when going privately it could be harder for you to get an expert to look over the car with you.

Dealers also can offer finance – often with high interest charges – but this still gives you the option of finance which may be beneficial to you. With a private seller, you will need to pay the money in full.

The downside to buying from a car dealer is that the car could cost you more than by buying privately. Also, you won’t be able to interrogate the owner of the car through a dealer however when buying privately you have the opportunity to do so.

It really is all a matter of which you prefer as there are good and bad points either way, but the above tips will hopefully give you a better idea of which way to go when looking for your used car.

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Author: Louis Rix is Director of one of the UK's leading motoring websites. Established in 2000, its mission is to become the UK's number one site for used car searches and motoring information. Netcars also provide car finance, loans and insurance.

Should I Buy From A Used Car Dealer Or Privately?

There is a lot of difference between a car and a good car. The difference has little things to do with the cost of the car. Leave alone the highly expensive cars like Lamborghini, Bugatti, Lexus, Roles Royce; all the other cars need to be maintained well to get the label of being good. Without proper maintenance, they will be simply cars, not a good car. And there is perhaps no better way to make a car good than to equip it with accessories!

Those who want their car to be merely the means of daily commuting may remain happy with a simple box on wheels. But those who have craving for comfort and a passion for fashion would certainly like to stylize their set of wheels. And it is car accessories that provide them with materials to adorn their car. For all kind of accessories, the automobile market has a gamut of options to offer.

When a car zings down the road, the parts of it that bears the maximum pressure are the wheels. The swift running of the wheels also makes a good view. So, it befits that you use the wheels that are highly reliable and extremely beautiful. In this regard, MOMO Corse car wheels can be given a try. They are made of aluminum and magnesium and lighter in weight. They are better heat conductor; hence they improve heat dissipation from brakes.

This quality of MOMO Corse car wheels helps them reduce the chances of brake failure. It is because of this wheels from this company is frequently used by racing car drivers all around the world. What more, they are unbeatable in their beauty! The scene of a car moving swiftly on the road with MOMO tires is really amazing! Along with wheels, there are so many other car accessories that can be used to beautify the interior as well as exterior a car.

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Author: Alexus Devon is a automobile writer specializing in automobile and car accessories products and has written authoritative articles on the car accessories industry. He has done his Master in Business Administration and is currently assisting directcaraccessories as a car accessories specialist. For more information please visit:

Car Accessories for Those Who Have Passion for Fashion

* Gas Saving Tips *

Are you tired of the continuing rise in gasoline price?

If you are, you're not alone. In this article, you'll find a few excellent tips designed to help you save a bit of your hard earned money.

First, its always best to purchase your gas either first thing in the morning or late at night. The reason for this is because gas is denser at a coldtemperature, so you'll basically be getting more for your money.

Secondly, check your local gas prices to find the best price available. You can check your local gas prices online as well, which will prevent you fromwasting gas while driving around to look for the best price.

By keeping your car well maintained, you can help improve fuel consumption. By simply tuning your car,you can decrease your fuel consumption by up to 20 percent......

Also, you should keep your tires properly inflated and aligned. Tires that are under inflated will cause fuel consumption to increase by 6 percent.

You should also make sure that you change your oil and air filters on a regular basis as well.Other tips to keep in mind are to drive by staying in the posted speed limits, as the faster you drive you will use more fuel.

Whenever possible you shoulduse overdrive, as this will help fuel and also improve the wear on your engine. You can also combine your errands by making a list of things that you have to do, as the more you cold start your engine, the more fuel you'll be using.

By taking the time to do these tips, you'll be amazed at just how much fuel you can save. Gas prices are becoming ridiculous these days, whichis why you want to do your part to converse little drop that you can.

* Gas Versus Diesel *


Due to the high compression ratios and resulting high cylinder pressure in diesel engines, they must be built to withstand a lot more punishmentthan gas engines. The parts that are spruced up include a thicker block and cylinder head, pistons, crankshaft and valves, which can be very costly.

When it comes to price, gas wins this one by far. Initally, a diesel vehicle costs a lot more to own - than gas, which is one of the main reasons why people tend to choose 'gas' over 'diesel'.

Fuel cost: Diesel fuel is easier to refine, taking less time to get from raw petroleum to the final product from gas, giving it a lower price than that of gas. On the other hand, within the United States, diesel is priced the same or just a bit below regular unleaded gas.

Noise and vibration: Despite many improvements in noise isolation and engine noise technology in trucks over the last 10 years, diesel is still louder and shakes more than a gasoline powered vehicles. At idle, the clatter and shake of a diesel vehicles is clearly noticeable, while it can be hard to tell if the gas engine is even running.

Cold weather: If you've tried to start a diesel engine on a cold day, you know that gas is by far easier to start. Diesels don't have spark plugs like gas engines do, as the fuel is ignited once it's injected into the cylinder that is already under pressure. When it gets cold, the air isn't hot enough to ignite the diesel fuel.

Maintenance: Maintenance on a diesel vehicle is more expensive, thanks to many things including the larger volume of oil in the engine and the fact that fuel filters and water separators must be serviced more often than gas vehicles. Gasoline engines have a bigger advantage due to extended service periods on spark plugs, engine oil, and even antifreeze.

Making that final choice between gas and diesel comes down to what you'll do with your vehicle and where you live. If you use your vehicle for quick, fast acceleration and rarely ever haul heavy loads, and you don't plan to keep your vehicle past 100,000 miles, you may want to consider buying a gasoline vehicle.Gas runs smoother, fuel is easier to find, and they are easier to start in cold weather.

On the other hand, if you plan to tow, and you value good fueleconomy, or you plan on racking up a lot of miles, then you'll want to buy a diesel.Price is also an important consideration, as diesel vehicles can be a bit more expensive than gas.

If you aren't worried about the price, then diesel may be your best bet. For trucks, diesel is by far the superior choice for those who like to haul heavy loads on a frequent basis.


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Author: Author: Ken Dunn. Dunway Enterprises - Online since '96 ...

Gas Saving Tips & Gas VS Diesel

It isn't always easy to choose the right insurance carrier to handle your needs - especially when the automobile you're trying to insure isn't an auto at all, but a motorcycle.

Shopping for any kind of insurance can be tricky. Companies have the tendency to offer different types of plans, making it difficult to know which ones offer the same basic benefits for the same price. It isn't uncommon for one insurance carrier to offer you a policy at one price, and another carrier a totally different price for what appears to be the same coverage. The reason? It isn't always apparent. Maybe the higher priced agency offers full replacement value should your motorcycle be stolen or totaled in a crash, while the other carrier only pays the amount the bike was worth at the time of the accident - which can leave you paying thousands in extra costs to buy a new bike similar to the one that you lost.

Another difference may be in the deductible being offered. The higher the deductible, the lower the insurance rate. But, be careful. It's always a good idea to carry the lowest possible deductible that you can afford, since this is money straight out of your pocket in the event of a claim......

It's always important when shopping for any type of motorcycle insurance to check out the laws in your particular state to see what you are legally required to carry, in order to avoid buying more coverage than you actually need.

The first thing you'll have to decided when purchasing motorcycle insurance is what type of coverage you want and need. If you've taken out a loan to buy your bike, your creditors will more than likely require you to purchase full coverage until the loan is paid in full, but if you were lucky enough to pay cash for your bike (or handle financing in some other fashion), than you may be able to decided exactly how much insurance you really need and want to pay for.

Liability coverage allows you to carry a low premium, but keep in mind it doesn't cover any of your costs associated with an accident, theft or vandalism. It is basically a policy to cover the other guy and any costs you may find yourself responsible for.

Collision insurance will help pay for the replacement or repair of your own bike should something happen to it, and full, or comprehensive coverage pays for everything, including heft, vandalism and all costs associated with any accidents you may be involved in.

Once you decide on the type of insurance you want and the deductible you're comfortable with, it's time to start shopping around. The best way to find a good deal is to talk to other bikers in your community to see what carrier they use and what cover ages they carry. After that, the decision is yours. The important thing is to get what you need for a price that you can afford.

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Author: Sick and Tired of Not Profiting From Your Websites? Start Your Own Best Niche Websites Network TODAY with Get Our FREE Website Secrets e-Course Here.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage - Choosing Insurance for Your Bike

This frame slider kit has been designed to offer unsurpassed protection to your 2004-5 Yamaha FZ1000 in the unfortunate event of a lowside or tip over. Motovation frame sliders are designed and manufactured by a company that only makes frame sliders. Each and every model is tested for drop and slide protection. They are tough but not brittle and can also absorb a huge impact. Sportsriders around the world who have tested various models of our products on the track have all given their thumbs up after experiencing first hand, the benefits of Motovation Frame Sliders.

Please read all instructions before beginning work! These frame sliders are designed to fit specific engine mounts of your 2004-5 Yamaha FZ1. It is highly recommended that you refer to your service manual before performing this installation.


1. Remove the left-side engine mount bolt as seen in the left picture.
2. Install the longer slider using the new bolt and washer with one washer under the bolt head.
3. Tighten the engine mount bolt to the supplied locknut - DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN
4. Remove the right side engine mount bolt. (same place as the other side).
5. Install the other slider using the new bolt, nut and washers (supplied in this kit) with one washer under the bolt head.
6. Tighten the engine mount bolt to the factory specifications - DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

Included in the FZ1000 2005 Motovation frame slider kit:
(2) 10 x 140mm 1.5 bolts
(2) Stainless steel lock nuts
(2) Aluminum bushings (pressed into plastic)
(2) Plastic Frame Sliders (left-longer)
(4) Flat Washers

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Author: Motovation Accessories is a distributor of quality Yamaha frame sliders and accessories. Go to: for installation pictures.

2004-05 Yamaha FZ1 Frame Sliders Install Instructions

Increasing the performance and power of your truck does not necessitate installing a new motor or transmission, though those can definitely be options. One easy to install option that is gaining popularity with the truck crowd is that of the cold air intake. Cold air intakes have long been a staple of racing and street racing cars, but they can just as easily apply to your truck. Why would you install a cold air intake on your truck? Let's look at how they work, first.

A cold air intake system takes the place of your OEM air filter and intake system. Ordinarily, you will need to remove the original breather box, as well as the tubing that leads to the engine. By installing a cold air intake, you can add horsepower to your truck. This happens because a cold air intake brings in cooler air to your engine. Cool air is much more dense than warm air. This means that your engine can burn fuel much more efficiently, increasing your available horsepower. While the gain will not be incredible, it will be noticeable......

The cold air intake system is usually routed in a similar fashion as your OEM system, at the engine. As it travels out from there, though, it will terminate at a different location. This is usually low down the engine, behind the headlights, or even lower down. The object is to get the intake as far from the heat of your engine as possible. This is the only way to get air that is cold enough to do the job right.

What else does a cold air intake do for your vehicle? It can increase fuel mileage under certain conditions, though this is not why most people install them on their vehicles. The primary reason, of course, is to add power in the form of speed and torque. Some of the more popular brands are K&N and Volant. Understand, also, that adding a cold air intake to your truck will change the way your truck sounds. While it won't sound like a street racer, it will definitely sound different.

Now, let's look at some of the drawbacks to adding a cold air intake.

First, there is the expense. While they are relatively inexpensive when compared to other truck accessories and performance enhancers, they do represent at least a modest investment. You must also modify your vehicle; many times by yourself. Some dealerships will not install these devices on trucks, while others will charge considerable labor fees.

The single largest drawback, though, comes in the form of water. This threat is much more prevalent in shorter vehicles, such as passenger cars, but it is present for trucks as well. The placement of the air filter makes is possible for water to splash up from the road or mud hole into the air filter. From there, it is sucked along the intake tube until it gets to your engine. Once there, it wreaks havoc. Granted, it takes more than a few drops of water to disable your engine, but the threat is present and must be considered when debating adding one of these systems to your truck.

That said, there are few drawbacks to this, especially in exchange for the additional horsepower that you will enjoy. You can find a number of quality systems that will work well in this situation, though K&N has been a trusted name for years. Their filters are designed to last for a lifetime, with only cleaning required to continue using the filter.

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Author: Hunter Jones is a Ford Truck owner and a sport truck enthusiast. He is also a writer for First Stop for Truck Parts and Accessories, an online directory of truck parts, accessories, suspension lift kits and more. Just for visiting get my e-book Free "Buy a Car With No Credit or Bad Credit".

Pros and Cons of Installing a Cold Air Intake On Your Truck

Nerf bars may not ring a bell with you as a truck owner, but chances are that you are familiar with them, at least visually. These are the chrome or painted metal accessories that are used below the driver and passenger door on some trucks to give better access to the cab by acting as a step up. Sometimes they are mistakenly referred to as side steps, though those are completely different in looks and function in these truck accessories.

Nerf bars actually got their start on the racetrack, being fitted to single seat racecars for use in passing maneuvers. A "nerf" is technically a slight bump, or nudge, used to facilitate a pass on an asphalt oval racing track. While that may have been their origins, they have come a long way since then. They are now fitted to many different vehicles (typically trucks and SUVs) for aid in getting in and out of the cab of the vehicle. They also play a role in protecting rocker panels and the bottom of doors when a vehicle is taken off road.

Typically available in three different materials or finishes: chrome, powder coated steel and stainless steel, these color differences are almost completely cosmetic and lack the required functionality that heavy duty truck owners demand of their accessories. There are two types of nerf bars popular with today's truck owners:......

Sports Bars

These nerf bars are the traditional short version. Generally, sports bars extend from just behind the front wheel well to just behind the door on both the driver or passenger sides (some are only on the driver side). These devices are very good at protecting the vehicle from rocks and helping drivers and passengers enter and exit the vehicle. Usually, sports bars will have a combination of urethane step pads installed as foot pads to help with grip when getting in and out.

Wheel to Wheel

Wheel to wheel nerf bars extend from just behind the front wheel well to just before the rear wheel well. Unlike sports bars, these are rarely installed as single item. The main purpose for this type of nerf bar is to allow easier access to the bed of the truck, as well as to help driver and passenger enter and exit the vehicle. These will have a combination of urethane inserts for foot pads, usually one or two near the door and a single large on at the bed of the truck, though some will have a pair (or even 3) at the rear of the bar.

Nerf bars are not just a good idea for help getting into the truck; they can make your truck more unique, as well. They offer a rugged appearance that many consumers find desirable for their trucks. Whether you own a domestic vehicle like a Chevy, Ford or Dodge or an import truck like a Toyota or Nissan, you can find several different styles of nerf bar that will fit your needs.

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Author: G. Evans represents, a 20 year retailer of truck accessories. To learn more about their products, including nerf bars visit their website

What Are Nerf Bars And why Do You Need Them?

Windshields have changed a lot in the past 24 years. Years ago the only thing you would find in the windshield was an antenna. Now windshields have rain sensors that turn on wiper blades automatically when it rains. They have cameras, heads up displays that show your speed and other dash gauges right on the windshield, night vision to help you see things beyond your headlights such as animals or children approaching. They even have special coatings to protect you from ultra violet rays and boast coatings to improve the sound of your stereo.

A windshield is not just a piece of glass any more. Some windshields are quite expensive. It is not uncommon to see windshields with price tags up to $1,000.00 or more. In many states, such as Colorado, insurance deductibles are high for many drivers. It makes a lot of sense to preserve the investment you already have.

So, what do you do if you have a high deductible and your windshield gets a chip or crack? Windshield chip repair has been around since the mid 1970's. Most insurance companies wave the deductible for windshield chip repair, but what do you do if you have a crack starting at the edge of your windshield? If you call windshield repair shops you will find most shops will not repair a crack over 6 inches in length and they will almost always recommend replacement......

However, many cracks can be repaired; even windshields with cracks up to 24 inches can be saved. A new "Do-It-Yourself windshield crack repair kit has just entered the market. Crack Eraser Do It Yourself Kits are simple to use and developed from the best professional system on the market.

Windshield repair saves people serious money over replacing expensive windshields. There are many good reasons to repair instead of replacing your windshields.

The following are some reasons windshield crack repair is preferred over replacement.

1. Windshield crack repair maintains the factory seal.
2. Windshield crack repair maintains the factory strength in a collision
3. Windshield crack repair save money over replacement.
4. Windshield repair is fast usually repairs can be performed in 15 minutes.
5. Insurance companies usually waive deductible and pay for repairs.

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Author: Tim Evans has created new technology to save the cost of replacing expensive windshields by repairing long cracks and chips in windshields. For more information go to:

Windshields Are Becoming High Tech And So Is Windshield Crack Repair

In some sense, going to your mechanic is a little like going to your doctor. Just like you describe symptoms to your doctor, you also need to describe your car's symptoms to your mechanic. Just as you think about the questions your doctor asks you in order to pinpoint your problem, a mechanic needs to get the same information about the problems with your car. For example, when reporting a symptom to your doctor, you will describe where the problem is, what kind of pain it is, how long it has been going on, and other information that might be useful.

In the same way, take careful note of the behavior of your car. Remember both the changes in the car's behavior, as well as any associated noise that happens at the same time. For example, the simple problem of a flat tire has a distinct flapping noise, and is also accompanied by a very definite steering problem. Not all problems have both components. One of the first signs of a CV joint problem is a simple clicking noise as the car makes a sharp right hand or left-hand turn. However, many car problems have both a behavioral and sound component to them, so listen carefully and feel for any differences in the running of the car. (If a CV joint problem is left unattended, there can be a significant performance difference when one wheel seizes up and no longer turns, but we hope that the car is not left to get into that condition!)......

In addition to this, try to describe precisely when and where the changes to your car happen. For example, the CV joint problem above only happens when the car is taking a turn. Furthermore, pinning down the location of the clicking noise will indicate which CV joint is having a problem, whether it's on the right hand side or the left-hand side. It is important for the mechanic to know that some problems only occur after the car has been driving for 10 minutes, or occur just as the car starts and then goes away, or other time dependent behavior.

Try to be as descriptive as possible when talking about the problem, even if it seems a little foolish. The old joke about a lady talking to her mechanic, and describing a sound like a bowling ball rolling around in the trunk, only to find that it was actually a bowling ball rolling around the trunk. However precise description is of great benefit. If the noise sounds like marbles in a cardboard box, or a bunch of safety pins dropping on the floor, say so. One of these phrases may cause an "aha" moment for the mechanic and make the diagnosis problem really easy.

A list of common descriptive sounds that might be applied to a car are: clicking, squealing, growling, whistling, thumping, humming, chirping, rattling, or knocking. Smells that might be reported to your mechanic are: burning oil, burning plastic, a putrid smell, or other strong or slight smell. Finally, if anything seems unusually hot to the touch that should also be reported to the mechanic. (Do NOT touch metal components on a running or just turned off car with your hand! They can easily be hot enough to burn you.)

If your car is no longer running at all, try your best to describe what the car sounded, felt, and behaved like before the car failed completely. These descriptions should help your mechanic more quickly and correctly address whatever problem your car currently has.

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Author: Brenda Williams from car rental Charlotte nc and rent a car Charlotte nc

How to Report Problems to Your Mechanic

Things have changes significantly since the early days of the automobile. What was once relative simple machinery (seen from today's point of view), it has developed to become a very complex system that makes a car what it is.

This has some benefits, as into modern cars more and more technology and features are added, but also a series of drawbacks. When it comes to repairing your own car, things have become more complicated. Modern vehicles have many computers that effectively control everything a car does and a lot of electric schemes and that is why repairing your car in your own back yard is not feasible to almost anyone with a car newer than 15 years old .

Because cars nowadays very complex. Everybody recommends going to a large repair shop when something goes wrong. But in the same time some car repair shops are more likely to take advantage of their customers' ignorance.

No one expects you to become a car mechanic overnight, but if you are ignorant about your car and car repairing, mechanics in some car repair shops can take advantage of your ignorance......

In addition, spending months in the court of justice arguing against the shop that has repaired your car is not the way you want to spend your time, I would presume. There are couple ways to protect yourself and your wallet from car repair shop owners that try to take advantage of people when it comes to their cars.

Before you go to the repair shop, do some research about every service center you are considering going to. Check out the shop through ever means available to you, such as word-of-mouth, the Internet (people can post on their blogs or in forums their experience with car repair shops), or other resources (a very valuable resource for finding information about a certain company is the Better Business Bureau).

These resources (including the Better Business Bureau) can be found both online and offline and they are valuable as they offer you a convenient way to check a business's standing and whether there are any unresolved complaints against them. Also, talk to your friends and relatives to find out what car shops they go to and if they are satisfied with the mechanics and the prices.

Second, ask for recommendations. If you do not even know where to start, or you would rather go to a shop with which someone you know has had personal experience, you can ask around for recommendations.

For example, a friend's recommendation that he has brought his car to the same mechanic for ten years and is satisfied with the work done is a very convincing argument. When you go to a repair shop you have never gone before, be sure to ask many questions.

This is perfectly normal and they will see that you are very interested in their services and your car. You should ask about their prices, their guarantees or warranties, how much experience their mechanics have, whether they have won any awards, and how they handle customer complaints and other similar questions.

As important, it is to show an interest in your car. Do not leave it alone with the mechanics, stay with them when they look at it to be sure that they look everywhere and in this way, you can avoid them making you to pay for things they never fixed on your car. Finally, when they tell you what the problem is, request to see the problem. This is in fact your legal right and it is just another method to avoid being abused by the repair shop.

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Author: Dennis runs Car Dealer Check which is a independent Car Dealer Review site written by the car dealerships customers and a Car Forum.

Protect Yourself from Car Repairs Scams

Air Horns, The New Craze in Automotive Customization

Mar 5, 2008

Throughout the past few decades, people have done some pretty crazy things to beef up their vehicles. Tinting windows has always been a way of improving the look of your car. You can also get custom wheels for your car or truck, make it a low rider, or add a spoiler. But have you ever heard of adding an air horn or train horn to your car? Train horns are something new and many people haven't even heard of this new fad. In fact, train horns are new enough that there are very few places that you can even purchase them online yet.

Along with this new fad comes a new set of problems. When people buy these air horns, most likely they are trying to improve the look or performance of their vehicle. Very rarely do people actually buy air horns for a useful purpose. Many retailers exaggerate the dB levels that these horns put out. Most horns will only put out 150dB, but many retailers claim that they put out 170dB+. When the dB level is one of the main factors in purchasing a train horn, this dishonesty can result in frustration and a lack of performance. When purchasing an air horn, do some research and make sure that the air horn you purchase can actually do what the retailers claim it can do....

Going along with the first problem, these air horns are very loud. There have been many people getting in trouble for using the horns at inappropriate times and places. If and when you buy an air horn, only use it when the time and place is right. Inappropriate use can not only result in you getting in trouble, but it can be harmful to others health and safety.

Air Horns, or Train Horns, are a unique commodity that few cars or trucks have. It is a great add-on to your vehicle. Remember to choose carefully when purchasing an air horn and remember to use the train horn wisely. They can be very neat if they are used appropriately.

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Author: David Hermansen is the owner of, the web's #1 Air Horn - Train Horn superstore.

Air Horns, The New Craze in Automotive Customization

Everyone wants the cheapest auto insurance. Everyone is constantly looking comparing this auto insurance provider with this one. It's almost like a parlor game, isn't it. I've done it too. If you've ever gotten a speeding ticket or have a young teenager itching to drive that you've just added to your policy, or if you've been involved in an accident, it can get more and more expensive, can't it? Auto insurance is too expensive. You're not alone. it's true for almost every American family. Not surprisingly, many are always looking to get cheap auto insurance -- why do you think you see the constant stream of various car insurance commercials? Geico, 21st Century, Farmers, Mercury, and on and on it goes.

The problem for discounts, however, is quality. Many ask is, "Is this cheap auto insurance worth buying? What kind of coverage do I have to sacrifice for a cheaper premium?" What is a small bi-yearly or yearly or monthly bill can become astonishingly high if you cheat on your deductible coverage or coverage amount. You need to therefore really search the different companies for the best, most comprehensive policy. Hope is here. There are good companies out there...

There are tips to follow so as to get the cheapest auto insurance possible. Here are my recommendations you should follow when looking for the best cheap car insurance:

1. Consider your car. It is a sports car? You should be aware that sports cars are more often stolen and certain colors also contribute toward a higher premiums. Think about getting something more conservative

2. Every year, re-examine your plan. Look if you can't reduce costs further. You probably can. Call the auto insurance company and ask about the things you don't understand. Most are very helpful as they don't want to lose business for the company and most of their calls are recorded. I've never had a bad customer service call yet with auto insurance companies for they know people are always shopping and comparing.

3. Drive safer and drive legal. I know this sounds simple but if you think about it, you can probably reduce the risk you have if you resolve to drive safer. This means you avoid accidents and over time, years build up. When you can say, "I've not had a ticket or an accident since March 1996," that looks good to an auto insurance provider.

4. I'm all for loyalty but in business, remember: companies are loyal to their bottom line, not yours. No matter how long you've been with a car insurance company, even if it's your Uncle Fred, don't just renew without thinking about it. Look around. Ask for a discount. It's always a buyer's market when it comes to auto insurance. Additionally, there are many online discount car insurance brokers now that give you quick quotes, not only for their company but for all the major ones as well. Progressive Insurance does this. If you apply a little diligence, this will help you find the cheapest car insurance possible for you.

5. Pay very, very close attention to your deductible amount on all the different points. What is the deductible amount? It's the amount of money you pay out of pocket on any claim. Here's a simple tip. If you are a good driver with a great driving record, then I think you should seriously consider establishing a large amount of money for the deductible in the event of a claim as this will lower your rate as you take more of the risk. The car insurance company rewards you for taking more of the risk by lowering the amount for that particular policy point.

6. Look at offers in the mail. Companies spend a lot of money on direct mail campaigns. They often put together great offers for just that mailing in order to spike business. Because of this simple idea (and I almost always throw direct mail away), I literally lowered my auto insurance premiums by half -- I'm not kidding -- while actually increasing the coverage on certain policy points!


I'm confident that if you apply these simple ideas, you will significantly lower your car insurance costs. Following these straightforward, easy tips will allow you to find a cheap car insurance policy for you.

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How to Get Cheap Auto Insurance - The 6 Simple Tips To The Cheapest Auto Insurance

If you were to keep careful track of what you did with your money, you would probably be amazed to find how much of it slips through your fingers each day. Whenever I begin to talk to friends or students of mine about getting an electric bicycle or an electric scooter, they almost, without fail, begin to tell me that they do not have the money to purchase one.

Purchasing an electric bike or an electric scooter is just like handling an investment

The thing that I always like to point out to them is that purchasing an electric bike or an electric scooter is just like handling an investment. As a matter of fact, considering the gas savings that you will have, one of these methods of travel IS AN INVESTMENT! So, for the rest of this report, I'm going show you ways that you can get the funds so that you can purchase an electric motor scooter or bicycle.

Here are some of the world's easiest methods of finding the money that you will need. Remember, some electric bike kits are only $400.00 although you can spend up to several thousand for a really good scooter or bike, it all depends on what you want or need....

Online Auctions I love eBay!

I recently found several hundred dollars worth of merchandise lying around the house. No kidding. I find that if you are older or married you accumulate junk very, very fast. For example, I found a gigantic tub of Legos that my son had when he was younger. I don't really thinks he needs them now, because he gets to play with much bigger toys in the Air Force.

I also found a whole ton of Playstation games, computer games, antiques, and a whole variety of other things that were just sitting around (some of them new and never used) eBay usually charges a few bucks to unload this stuff and you will be amazed how much money you have left lying around the house collecting dust.

Half-Price Books

We have Half-Price Books in our town and they will give you cash for bringing in used books and videos.

Loose Change

Look for loose change or money around the house. I recently found $25.00 in change lying around. Check in all drawers, mattresses, boxes, especially under recliners.

Start a Part Time Business

Personally, I think everyone should at least try it once. Statistically, a lawn mowing business in an average town can bring in $30,000 per year. That's right, at least $30,000 per year. Just think if you have a skill or trade that you could use to make some extra money. Hey, it's better than sitting around WISHING you had extra money. Go to the local library and get a book out on how to make extra money starting a part time business. One very easy way to get started on a business is to build an Internet business. You can easily start one on about a dollar a day.


While I'm on the subject of books, you can save money if you got to book stores look at their books and then order them used online from eBay or Amazon. I recently bought two Web design books from Amazon. Both books were brand new and cost $20.00 with shipping. If I had bought them at the book store they would have been over $50.00.

Here are a whole bunch of other things you can do to save money.

Make your coffee at home

I'm a coffeeaholic. I drink the stuff all day, but I make my own or take a thermos with me. I never spend the money with the vendors because $2.00 here and $ 2.00 there really makes a huge difference over time. Oh, by the way, if you have to, stop at McDonalds for your coffee. A recent survey said that coffee drinkers nation wide choose the taste of their coffee over all other coffee vendors including Starbucks. McDonald's large comes in at just under a dollar too!

Pack your lunch

I used to work in a department store and I was always amazed at all of the sales women that would eat at the mall restaurants....Everyday!!! Mall prices are very inflated and usually not very good for your diet or digestive system. I eat a large, healthy salad every single day. Only in an emergency would I eat from a vendor.


If you drive to work, carpool with a colleague or take public transportation. This is a real no brainer considering gas prices.

Avoid ATM fees.

Do this by planning ahead and using the machines at your bank. Yes, the banks charge you money for using the little machine at the mall or minute market. Avoid this trap by going to the ATM at your bank or going inside and writing a check.

Cut back on dining out

My wife went out on a special occasion recently to a very ritzy yet popular restaurant chain. It was a Tuesday night and the restaurant was packed! People don't cook at home anymore and eat out very frequently. My wife and I have learned how to cook real well at home. It is much cheaper but it is fun to do and much healthier for you.

If you think that this is all I have to say about making and saving money for an electric scooter, Well think again buddy.

Stop Smoking

This is a HUGE money waster on so many levels, I can't believe it! First of all, you have the cost of the cigarettes which is about $2.50 per pack. But wait, you have to think about the cost of your health insurance that just went up because you smoke. Also, the cost of being medically treated for all the afflictions that are incurred by this habit.

Not just to you, but to the other members of your family. (Babies get serious ear infections from being around smokers as well as other complications.) Then you will also have to consider your dental bill. Since the cigarette companies want to make sure that you are thoroughly addicted to their product, they have "sweetened" the deal by putting sugar into the cigarette paper. So when you are sucking on that smoke, it is getting up into the roots of your teeth and destroying them. So, there is the added cost of dental problems.

If you want to go further on this matter, think of these extra costs. Car reselling is affected by smoke, so if you ever sell your car and smoke you can bet it will be much harder to sell with the smoke smell in it. Same thing with your house. Also, homeowners insurance rates go up with smokers because they have a tendency to burn down houses more.

Ok, enough on this savings tip, but just think of all the savings in this category if you stopped smoking. Stop playing the Lotto. Statistically, you have a better chance of being hit by lightening on a clear day.

Go to movie matinees instead of the evening movies

Better yet, get a video or DVD from the rental store. Our library rents out first run movies for $1.00 and older movies are free! If you implement all of these strategies immediately and take serious action, you will be able to get your electric bike or scooter in no time! After you get what you want, use these same strategies to stockpile all sorts of cash that you can use for other investments. You might as well use your money wisely, because if you don't, someone else will!

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How to Find Money for an Electric Bike or an Electric Scooter

Rising fuel costs have reached an all-time high, these days people are driving less and less, it's actually gotten to the point that carpooling is now popular, was it ever popular before? Who knows, the point is, gas costs have risen to almost $4 per gallon! Here you'll find out how to increase miles per gallon for any vehicle you may be driving.

As you know, our engine uses gasoline for fuel, in order for our cars to generate mobility, it needs gas. What you probably don't know is that the modern engine is highly inefficient. That's right, your engine uses less than 20% of the gasoline you pump in it! An obvious way to increase miles per gallon on your car is to 'force' your car or truck to burn gas more efficiently, that way you increase and nearly double your gas mileage. It's now possible to gain up to 100% more gas mileage from your car.

The best way to increase gas mileage on your car is to improve gasoline combustion on the engine. The way you do that is to supplement your engine's gas with water, you heard right. We now have the technology to add the burning of water to help improve your poorly designed engine and to highly increase your fuel economy...

With the addition to water burning, your car will gain 50-100% more gas mileage by leveraging the use of HHO. HHO is a compound called 'hydroxy', it is about 3 times more powerful than gasoline alone. In order to get your car to burn water, there are a few essential devices you need to get installed on your car. The entire process takes less than a day, and the benefits are very very rewarding.

Fully powered water cars are still on the drawing board, but we now have the technology to use gas + water on our cars to greatly increase all of our vehicles' gas mileage by nearly 100%. If you've been thinking about how to increase miles per gallon for yourself, this is it.

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Author: Interested in converting your car to burn water to double your mileage? The wait is over! Convert your car to burn water today and double your gas mileage! Increase Gas Mileage Today!

How To Increase Miles Per Gallon

Guideline To Safe Purchasing of ATV Stuff Online

Mar 3, 2008

Once bitten, twice shy,this is something a friend of mine told me recently. He went ahead and bought some ATV apparel for his kids online from an online retailer of some of the most reputable brands in the market today. Well, to cut the long story short and without revealing the name of the website, he didn't get his order and customer service was unhelpful. Therefore, today, if you asked him to purchase ATV stuff or anything, in fact, online, he would rather you take his eye out.

There are some essential facts about purchasing ATV accessories and other stuff online to consider before you whip out your credit card.

First off, check the reputation of the ATV reseller. You can either type 'opinion ATV seller' or 'review *website name*' into your favorite search engine and go through what others have to say about the website. It's a bit suspect when website owners don't provide phone numbers in their sites and consumers should know the dangers of purchasing ATV stuff from a website that does not provide a human contact. If they have a phone number displayed in their website, call the number for a quick check. If you don't know what to ask, ask them a simple question like, "Where are you located?" or "Out of curiosity, what's the shipping price for International purchases?" even though you're not located outside of the country!

Another thing consumers should be particular about when it comes to purchasing ATV stuff online is, variety and choices. For instance, I would rather purchase from a website that has a huge variety of designs, colors and prints for me to choose from, instead of a one-color thing or one-size warehouse clearance thing. It doesn't give you a lot of room to move, does it?

Purchasing ATV helmets for kids can be a little tricky. There's the size issue that you should tackle first. Take a measuring tape and measure round the widest part of your kid's head....that's the head circumference. Check the size against the size provided in the website. If they don't provide information on sizing, DON'T purchase because it would be really troublesome for you later on.

One final thing about purchasing ATV stuff online, always read the fine prints about return policy, shipping and of course, the guarantee/warranty.

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Author: Marsha Maung is an ATV enthusiast enthusiastically promoting ATV riding as a sport and family activity! She runs and is one of the staff for one of the hottest and fastest-growing ATV sites right now...

Guideline To Safe Purchasing of ATV Stuff Online

ATV Powersports - Buying The Right ATV

ATV powersports is becoming very popular as it is an all year sport for all ages and genders; so it follows that as the sport grows the vehicles are becoming easier to attain as the availability of pre-owned vehicles is also become wider. One of the more popular activities on the powersport scene is the ATV.

These vehicles are all terrain vehicles, which imply that they are designed for off road use. Usually made for a single rider and one passenger they come in a range of sizes and engines and there is a large range of models available and are predominately Japanese.

ATV powersport bikes are either four wheeled or six wheeled with engines ranging from 49cc to 950cc and their design makes them perfect for off roading in mud or sand dunes. When you become experienced in the world of power sports, you just have to strap on your helmet and get ready to perform racing and stunts like you have never experienced before on any other vehicle, and to help you make the most of the sport there are a host of clubs and associations that you can join which will allow you to learn how to ride in safety with other like minded riders.

There are many brands and types of ATV powersports vehicles for you to choose your vehicle from and internet is a wonderful source for you to refer to for ideas and suggestions for purchasing your dream bike. Although branded vehicles are usually more expensive than the off brand varieties, however if you can stretch your budget an investment in one of the recognized makes is preferable. You must also take into account your experience whilst looking to buy as the bigger ATV's are extremely powerful. So bare in mind the physical size of the machine as well as the engine power; in fact it is a good idea to go to a dealer and sit on the bike and try it for reach and handling.

The term Power sports encompasses a huge range of different types of vehicles and other than ATV's there are Snowmobiles, Dune Buggies, Karts and Dirt Bikes plus many more, and there loads of eBay sites selling them, however if you intend to buy your ATV through eBay, and it is a pre owned model, make sure you can ask the seller questions about the age and condition of the vehicle. Most people don't just rush into purchasing a brand new ATV; but that's not a major problem as there is an abundance of pre-owned machines on the market.

There are of course many websites that offer information and tips about the sale and purchase of ATV's and power sports vehicles. Use your instincts and try to go with a brand that you know of or know someone who owns one like it. In addition to this, buying your ATV from a reputed and trusted source ensures that you will receive after sales support from the dealer. Servicing is a major requirement of the manufacturers guarantee so make sure there are facilities locally to carry out this work.

The other thing to remember is to make sure you have enough money in your budget to buy the correct safety gear, such as a good helmet a pair of leathers and boots, and last but not least check out the insurance requirements as powersports can be dangerous if they are not approached with extreme caution. So there you have it; if you can tick all of these boxes your entry into ATV Powersports should be a safe and exhilarating one.

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Author: Find out more about Atv's, Dirt Bikes and Snowmobiles a Atv Powersports. Also check out our UK store at Atv Powersports UK

ATV Powersports - Buying The Right ATV

The all-new M6 features weight-saving technologies such as a carbon-fiber roof and 19-inch forged aluminum wheels that are almost four pounds lighter than regular cast wheels. With almost 500 horsepower available, BMW claims the M6 will hit 60 mph in under 4.6 seconds, and it will run to 20 5mph without the traditional 155-mph speed limiter. The suspension, though similar to that of the M5, is specially tuned to take advantage of the M6's shorter wheelbase and lower center of gravity. Massive cross-drilled brakes enable the M6 to pull up from 60 mph in less than 118 feet.

It is the most powerful 6 Series yet to be produced as it shares its power unit with the recently released M5. Acceleration is from 0-100 km/h comes in 4.6 seconds and the M6 reaches 200 km/h about 14 seconds. Top speed is limited to 250 km/h. It has a 5-litre V10 engine with a power output of 373 kW at 7 750 r/min, while torque is 520 Nm at 6 100 r/min. In city driving where not much power is needed, the BMW M6 automatically sets off in its comfort-oriented P400 performance program with 296 kW (400 bhp) engine output. The V10 power unit requires roughly twice as much cooling air as the V8 in the BMW 645Ci. The V10 is indeed the most demanding engine in technical terms. BMW’s high-speed engine concept allows an optimum gearbox and final drive transmission ratio. The two five-cylinder banks in the V10 are arranged at an angle of 90° in order to optimize the standard of vibration control and motoring comfort offered by full mass compensation on the crank drive. Taking the substantial forces of the combustion process, high engine speeds and vibrations into account, the crankcase comes in bedplate design. The extremely stiff crankshaft, in turn, runs in six bearings.

The engine control unit is ionic current technology serving to detect any tendency of the engine to knock, misfire and suffer mis-combustion. BMW’s seven-speed SMG transmission is precisely the right manual gearbox for conveying the power of the V10 via the drivetrain to the rear wheels. This gearbox from BMW M is indeed the world’s only sequential transmission with seven gears and Drivelogic. With qualities even greater than on a six-speed SMG gearbox, this transmission allows manual selection of gears with extremely short gearshift times as well as comfortable cruising qualities thanks to the automatic gear selection function.

The M6’s engine electronics is one of the most advanced engine control systems ever developed. The MS S65 control unit coordinates all engine functions using three 32-bit processors that handle more than 200 million operations per second from over 50 incoming signals. Each of the 10 cylinders has its own throttle butterfly, with its position being monitored 200 times per second.

The variable, speed-sensing M Differential Lock gives the M6 superior driving stability and optimum traction particularly when accelerating out of a bend. The 19-inch forged aluminum wheels developed especially for the M6, together with their five filigree double spokes, are extremely light and provide a very good view of the large brake discs.

The new BMW M6 uses a hybrid construction of aluminum, thermoplastics and SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound). This mixture of materials delivers an extremely rigid, yet light, body structure. The most superior in BMW Performance Parts, OEM Parts, Replacement Parts and Aftermarket Parts than anywhere else on the web can be found at Partstrain. It has your BMW Parts at better prices than you will pay elsewhere.

Parts train's BMW parts catalog is user friendly and as secure at, for the BMW part you need and the best quality BMW auto parts, give our professional sales staff a call toll free and get the answers you need.

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Author: Jenny McLane. The 2006 BMW M6 is the most powerful 6 Series yet to be produced as it shares its power unit with the recently released M5. The M6’s engine electronics is one of the most advanced engine control systems ever developed. The variable, speed-sensing M Differential Lock gives the M6 superior driving stability and optimum traction particularly when accelerating out of a bend. More articles by this author.

The 2006 BMW M6: BMW Performance Parts, Aftermarket Parts