Yamaha Dirt Bikes: Not For The Timid

Dec 6, 2007

There are few companies that can rival the products of Yamaha Dirt Bikes--known for its quality and superior work, this company consistently creates what the public wants. And, of course, its dirt bikes are of no exception. The Yamaha brand is one of power and precision and is a constant favorite of professional and amateur alike.

What astounds many riders, however, is the company's odd origins. Few can wrap their motocross minds around how a brand known for its dirt bikes could originally stood for music.

In 1888, Torakusu Yamaha founded the Yamaha Musical Instrument Company. It was a great success and, after only ten years, he joined with other like-minded businessmen to create the Nippon Gakki Company. Though Yamaha died in 1916, his company was able to stand natural disasters, labor problems and even World War Two. Of course, the company's production had changed to fit the times--what was left of war time machinery was used to create a new product: motorcycles.

Since then, Yamaha Dirt Bikes has become a leader among the field, creating quality products.

Now, dirt bikes are leading the Yamaha way and, of course, there are many to chose from. Whether you ride professionally or simply enjoy the thrill of racing your friends on back trails, there is a Yamaha dirt bike perfect for you.

Yamaha Dirt Bikes - Off-Road

WR450F: Perfect for the serious rider, the WR450F features a two position handlebar for higher adjustment range, new enduro computer and reinforced swingarms for better handling. It's priced at $6,799.

WR250F: With a 249cc, four-stroke engine and improved fuel flow for strong reliability, this Yamaha dirt bike is the essence of quality. Priced at $10,449, the WR250F is for the serious racer......

TT-R250: Even the most casual rider can appreciate this easy-to-handle, yet very powerful, offering. The CD ignition system never needs maintenance and the frame is designed for high impact. Priced at $4,499.

TT-R230: Created for superior handling and strength, the TT-R230 is excellent for any competition. Lightweight but stout, this bike will go wherever you need. Priced at $3,299.

TT-R125L/LE: At an affordable $2,749, this is the bike for the every-man. With excellent breaking abilities and stiffer suspension, it's one of the most safe on the market.

TT-R125E: Yamaha totes this as the "small but mighty" bike and with good reason. Created with novice riders in mind, this has pushbutton starting and drum brakes. It's listed at $2,449.

TT-R90E (mini): Ever felt you were too short to compete? Think again. This bike features a pushbutton electric start and a low seat height for added ease with shorter legs. The TT-R90E is priced at $1,699.

TT-R50E (mini): Want to give you child a dirt bike? This is a definite contender. Easy to maintain and even easier to use with a 49cc engine and a frame perfect for smaller riders, this $1,149 could be for you.

PW80 (mini): For riders looking to transition to a new bike, this could be perfect. The PW80 has a 79cc two-stroke engine and semiautomatic 3-speed transmission. Priced at $2,389.

PW50 (mini): With a 49cc two-stroke engine and a fully automatic transmission, the PW50 is a powerful but dependable dirt bike. Priced at an affordable $1,899, this is a guaranteed hit.

Yamaha Dirt Bikes - Motocross:

YZ450F: Built to race, the YZ450F is the ultimate lightweight contender, with new upgraded suspension and handling. The price ranges from $6,899 to $7,099, depending on the style you buy.

YZ250 (2-stroke): With a price tag of $6,199, this bike stands for power. It's already a winner of multiple competitions and with good reason: speed sensitive system and power-valve-equipped ripper.

YZ250F: For the racer in your family, consider this dirt bike. With increased mass centralization for better balance and suspension reinforcements in the front and back, this $5,999 is a promise in perfection.

YZ125 (2-stroke): Named the 125cc Shootout Winner by "Dirt Rider", "Dirt Bike" and "Transworld Motocross", this dirt bike has a mighty heritage and ever mightier features. Priced at $5,499.

YZ85 (2-stroke mini): Compact and lightweight, this bike is designed for sharp handling and superior maneuverability. Novices will appreciate its simplicity and its affordable price tag: $3,099.

Whatever your experience or riding style, Yamaha Dirt Bikes have something for every enthusiast.

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Yamaha Dirt Bikes


Skybob said...

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thanks tony for visiting my auto blog.

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Skybob said...

Yes, I have a 2001 CR 250.
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Anonymous said...

where u from tony?

before this, i had a husky sm 450 year 2005. but already sold...

Skybob said...

I am from Utah, in the United States. There is alot of good riding here for dirt bikes! The husky 450 would have been a sweet bike I bet.

Anonymous said...

yeah..u r right tony...

husky 450 is really cool...their factory made bike is ready for race at Sepang track (im from malaysia, Sepang is F1 track)....also like KTM supermoto (this bike also ready for race)

i know utah...i'd seen that state in AMAZING RACE..that was a place for motocross racing...like desert...i'd like that place a lot... full of 'brown' mountain...

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