6 Money Saving Tips for Truck Drivers

Apr 24, 2008

Since driving a truck can involve several expenses, some ways to cutting down these expenses may be helpful. By doing so would eventually increase your revenue as a truck driver. Following are pointers that can be useful for truck drivers to save money which includes you as well.

1) Getting a good deal. Trying to get a good deal is important whether you opt for a new truck or a used one. The trucking industry would most likely have a large quantity of used trucks that are still in good condition and offered at a reasonable price. New trucks can be more costly however they come with better warranties. Besides, since these trucks are new, you don't need to worry on wear and tear issues......

2) Obtaining a good interest. An acceptable interest rate can reduce your overall cost of payments. Moreover, if you can try to pay further for your truck toward the initial amount, this would work to your advantage. By doing so helps in paying it off quicker thus reducing the interest rate amount that you need to satisfy over the loan period.

3) Allocating both money and time. To allocate both your money and time for a customary maintenance is a good means to conserve money. Apparently, a regular oil change and devoting time to perform an overall check of your truck (e.g., hoses, lines) not only saves you from the need to purchase additional parts but will also ensure you a better run of your truck. Also, you can save some fuel costs by maintaining sufficient amount of air in your truck's tires.

4) Truck stop offers. Fuel cards being offered by several chain truck stops can also help you in saving money. You can save some few cents per gallon for every use of the fuel card. These cards can also offer you some point system wherein you can acquire some great deals, such as meals or other stuff accessible inside the truck stop.

5) Making the most of the free stuff offered. While some truck stops may charge you up till US$7 for your truck's shower service, there are those that offer such service for free but under certain conditions. For instance, you can avail of such service for free service, if you were able to obtain a certain quantity of gallons of fuel. Moreover, getting fuel every morning may even be further cost effective than filling it up at one site.

6) Food expenses. It is better to invest in getting a small refrigerator for your cab rather than getting them from some convenient stores. You can definitely store in there your preferred food, such as fruits, lunch meat, drinks, and snacks. This allows you to eating healthier food since there's no need for you to stop over some fast food or restaurants mostly available at the truck stops.

So constantly keep in mind these tips each time you drive your truck on the road!

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6 Money Saving Tips for Truck Drivers


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These are very helpful for truck drivers. By doing these pointers they can save a lot of money by cutting their expenses. A big help, especially for amateur truck drivers.

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These are very helpful for truck drivers.
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