How To Understand Trucker Talk

Apr 24, 2008

Even truck drivers are professionals who use standard terminology for several various events that may occur. You often see them communicate with each other through CB radio frequency to offer help and share information. We are used to hearing from them the phrase 10/4, which is commonly used by truck drivers. This term simply means that one has acknowledged what was relayed and was signing off.

Generally, truck drivers have their way of warning each other on safety issues and road hazards. When they use the term four wheelers, they basically are informing others about a regular sized automobile on the road, or a vehicle on the road side ahead. Also, they use different terms in notifying cops-"a smokey" means a cop on the ground in a car, "Evil Kinevil" means a cop on motorcycle, and a "bear in the air" means speed being watched by aircraft.....

Furthermore, the large rubber pieces seen from semi truck tires on the main road are termed as "alligators." "Road pizza" is what truck drivers use to refer to road kill (a common spot on several roads). "Tractor trailers" are termed for a box, whereas "flat bed trailers" for skateboards.

In some cases, you would hear truckers say bobtailing when referring to a forwarding truck without any trailer affixed to it. Although it may save them some fuel mileage, it doesn't spare them from the bumpy road since the trailer helps for the truck to run smoothly.

At other times, you hear them say lot lizard when referring to girls who wander around the parking lot attempting to get paid for some sensual favors. They are called so since they nearly behave like lizards, scramble whenever they see light from cops or security. These lot lizards can be clever in making themselves unnoticeable by security. They are even capable to use code words for different kinds of sensual favors over the CB that are indiscernible among cops.

Long term or veteran truck drivers have their way of accurately identifying drivers coming from another place, region, or country for that matter, simply by the terms they use. Trucker talk evidently is universal knowledge among people in this profession. In addition, for truck talk usually used when referring to safety matters, this seems to have been made more uniform all throughout. For most terms implied to other facets, these seem to turn up with a large amount of differences related to them.

Although most of us don't see the need to learn this truck talk, we however still find it exciting to comprehend what possibly they are conversing about when you hear them while at a truck stop or CB in your car. I myself have learned some different types of trucker talk by just listening to my better-half while talking to his fellow truck drivers. Although I may find or perceive some of the terms they use to be ridiculous, I still believe that the terminology definitely function its basic purpose.

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How To Understand Trucker Talk


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