What Are Nerf Bars And why Do You Need Them?

Mar 27, 2008

Nerf bars may not ring a bell with you as a truck owner, but chances are that you are familiar with them, at least visually. These are the chrome or painted metal accessories that are used below the driver and passenger door on some trucks to give better access to the cab by acting as a step up. Sometimes they are mistakenly referred to as side steps, though those are completely different in looks and function in these truck accessories.

Nerf bars actually got their start on the racetrack, being fitted to single seat racecars for use in passing maneuvers. A "nerf" is technically a slight bump, or nudge, used to facilitate a pass on an asphalt oval racing track. While that may have been their origins, they have come a long way since then. They are now fitted to many different vehicles (typically trucks and SUVs) for aid in getting in and out of the cab of the vehicle. They also play a role in protecting rocker panels and the bottom of doors when a vehicle is taken off road.

Typically available in three different materials or finishes: chrome, powder coated steel and stainless steel, these color differences are almost completely cosmetic and lack the required functionality that heavy duty truck owners demand of their accessories. There are two types of nerf bars popular with today's truck owners:......

Sports Bars

These nerf bars are the traditional short version. Generally, sports bars extend from just behind the front wheel well to just behind the door on both the driver or passenger sides (some are only on the driver side). These devices are very good at protecting the vehicle from rocks and helping drivers and passengers enter and exit the vehicle. Usually, sports bars will have a combination of urethane step pads installed as foot pads to help with grip when getting in and out.

Wheel to Wheel

Wheel to wheel nerf bars extend from just behind the front wheel well to just before the rear wheel well. Unlike sports bars, these are rarely installed as single item. The main purpose for this type of nerf bar is to allow easier access to the bed of the truck, as well as to help driver and passenger enter and exit the vehicle. These will have a combination of urethane inserts for foot pads, usually one or two near the door and a single large on at the bed of the truck, though some will have a pair (or even 3) at the rear of the bar.

Nerf bars are not just a good idea for help getting into the truck; they can make your truck more unique, as well. They offer a rugged appearance that many consumers find desirable for their trucks. Whether you own a domestic vehicle like a Chevy, Ford or Dodge or an import truck like a Toyota or Nissan, you can find several different styles of nerf bar that will fit your needs.

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Author: G. Evans represents ChromePickup.com, a 20 year retailer of truck accessories. To learn more about their products, including nerf bars visit their website ChromePickup.com.

What Are Nerf Bars And why Do You Need Them?