Air Horns, The New Craze in Automotive Customization

Mar 5, 2008

Throughout the past few decades, people have done some pretty crazy things to beef up their vehicles. Tinting windows has always been a way of improving the look of your car. You can also get custom wheels for your car or truck, make it a low rider, or add a spoiler. But have you ever heard of adding an air horn or train horn to your car? Train horns are something new and many people haven't even heard of this new fad. In fact, train horns are new enough that there are very few places that you can even purchase them online yet.

Along with this new fad comes a new set of problems. When people buy these air horns, most likely they are trying to improve the look or performance of their vehicle. Very rarely do people actually buy air horns for a useful purpose. Many retailers exaggerate the dB levels that these horns put out. Most horns will only put out 150dB, but many retailers claim that they put out 170dB+. When the dB level is one of the main factors in purchasing a train horn, this dishonesty can result in frustration and a lack of performance. When purchasing an air horn, do some research and make sure that the air horn you purchase can actually do what the retailers claim it can do....

Going along with the first problem, these air horns are very loud. There have been many people getting in trouble for using the horns at inappropriate times and places. If and when you buy an air horn, only use it when the time and place is right. Inappropriate use can not only result in you getting in trouble, but it can be harmful to others health and safety.

Air Horns, or Train Horns, are a unique commodity that few cars or trucks have. It is a great add-on to your vehicle. Remember to choose carefully when purchasing an air horn and remember to use the train horn wisely. They can be very neat if they are used appropriately.

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Author: David Hermansen is the owner of, the web's #1 Air Horn - Train Horn superstore.

Air Horns, The New Craze in Automotive Customization


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Air horns and train horns are pretty easy to install. The sound for these train horns
is loud.

justein clark said...

The first thing to consider train horn prank
kit is to consider the car that you will be brought up on. If you have a 96 Honda Civic, you will have to consider the space you are working, where if you put it on a truck 3 / 4 ton is not so much a question