Tips to Keep Your ATV in Excellent Condition

May 1, 2008

Once you've made your investment in your ATV, you want to protect it, like any investment. People regularly perform minor maintenance to keep their cars in the best condition, as well as maintenance on their homes, their electronics, and anything else they own of value. All-terrain vehicles are no different, and like most things worth having, they need to have a little love! Here are some basic tips to protect your ATV and keep it in the best running and physical condition possible.

Before you begin any maintenance on the bike, you should be fed and rested. Your concentration and focus will diminish if you're hungry or exhausted. When concentration diminishes, accidents happen. You should always wash and inspect your ATV after riding it. When you detail the ATV (which is not necessary after every ride), you can use an old toothbrush to reach all the tiny little cracks and corners in the ATV. The inspection should include the brake pads, all fasteners and levers, and anything that might need a good dose of WD40. If you need to fix, secure, replace, or otherwise fiddle with anything, be sure to use the right tools......

Pay special care to the air filters and tires. The more you take care of your air filters, replacing as needed, the longer the engine will last. Your tires will last longer if they're not under-inflated. ATV tires can be leaky, and a tire without enough air pressure is a dangerous tire. If you check the ATV tires before and after a ride, you have a better chance of not getting caught with a flat. You should also remove and check the axle regularly. Be sure to oil the chain after each ride, and the oil will penetrate better if you remember to oil it while the chain is still a bit warm.

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Author: Alex Sutton has worked in the motorsports industry for nearly 11 years. For more information please visit ATVs

Tips to Keep Your ATV in Excellent Condition