Megaloud "Car Audio On Steriods"

Nov 1, 2007

The new car audio buzz, what is Megaloud and who is behind it? Simply put Megaloud is one mans dream to produce the best car audio products on the market and make them affordable to the average car audio enthusiast as well as the very competitive car audio competitor. The inventors name is Milt Nasiopoulos and he has been taking care of car audio enthusiast for decades at his well established store. Milts passion in car audio started way before he graduated as a electrical engineer from one of the finest colleges in the East Coast

As a teenager he had a love for music and an ear for quality. As a competitor he tried many different lines but was not satisfied and in his heart felt he had the ability and talent to build a car audio line that would please not only him but also many of his fellow car audio enthusiast. After many years of testing and blackboard trial and error he reached his goal. Megaloud was born. This is a very high end line that will surpass all expectations from his critics and set new standards in the car audio world.

Milts new regulated Megaloud Inferno Amplifiers are so well built built they are underrated by 15 percent at 13.8 volts. Add a few batteries and power up to14.4 volts and the amplifiers respond by pumping out another 15%. His 1200 watt 4 channel and two channels are some of the cleanest amplifiers on the market and respond to a new clarity with the addition of his new separate line. Speakers that are so affordable, yet so pleasing to the ear that you will think they are triple their cost. Subwoofers that have the quality of the high end lines that will make you proud to show off in front of your friends.

This Megaloud Inferno line has something for everyone. For the beginner who wants a clean sounding bass that wont set him back financially to the serious competitor who needs that little extra edge to put him in front of his peers.

Author: Vincent Craine
Nat'l Sales Manager
Megaloud Enterprises

Car Audio Accessories