Why Mercedes Benz AMG Top Of The Line Luxury Cars?

Nov 5, 2007

With high HP engines and a racing build to it, the Mercedes Benz AMG has grown into one of the most popular luxury vehicles on the road. It has gone from a race-style circuit vehicle to now being an every day car on the road. Whether it’s a sports car, sedan, or wagon, you are guaranteed to get the highest quality performance out of a Mercedes Benz AMG.

The Mercedes Benz AMG was founded in 1967 as a racing engine force. However, society quickly picked up interest in the vehicle for its high luxury. Today, AMG offers all of the automobile functions needed for a high-class car. Above all, Mercedes Benz AMG is known for its development and production of their high-performance engines.

The United States is now the largest market in the world for AMG vehicles because of its 40 percent share of AMG sales. With the high amount of shares, there is a wide selection of AMG vehicles to choose from. You can find some of the older classics that got AMG going in 1967, or you can select one of the many brand new 2007 models available.

Today customers can choose from 16 unique Mercedes Benz AMG with a performance spectrum that varies in between 265/360 HP to 450 kW/612 HP. The driving dynamics are impeccable and make these vehicles suitable for everyday use, while providing you with a luxurious experience......

There are several different styles and models for the 2007 Mercedes Benz AMG’s, each offering something a little different. The E-Class AMG offers either a sedan or wagon. The sedan has an all-new 507-horsepower AMG V-8, accompanied by a 7-speed automatic transmission. The wagon is similar to the sedan, but offers a capacity of 7 passengers. These two Mercedes Benz AMG’s are on the cheaper end with both pricing in around $85,000.

If you want the top of the line flashy Mercedes Benz AMG, you will want to look at the 2007 SL65 AMG. Coming in at close to $187,000, this luxurious thrill ride is worth every penny. You will get a 604-horsepower twin-turbocharged V-12, with a 5-speed automatic transmission. It comes with race-bred high-performance breaks and 19-inch double-spoke AMG multi-piece wheels.

As you may have expected, the Mercedes Benz AMG cars are by no means cheap. However, the price you put into your luxury vehicle is backed up by the numerous features that make these vehicles stand out from the rest. After 40 years of development and production, the Mercedes Benz AMG is at the top of the market with its high-performance vehicles.

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