2007 Dodge Avenger NASCAR

Feb 13, 2008

When you think about the Dodge Avenger, more than likely race car is not the first thing that comes to mind. However, once you see the 2007 Dodge Avenger NASCAR, race car will be the only thing in your mind when you think about it. Dodge has now created a special racing version of the Avenger to race in various races as the Car of Tomorrow. With a red, white, and blue paint scheme, this car definitely has the look of a racing car. Of course while the racing version of the car is only for the race track there is also a great street version of this car as well that you can actually own for yourself.

Take a look at the 2007 Dodge Avenger NASCAR and what you'll see is a car that looks very much like the Dodge Charger, just a smaller version of it. The new Avenger sports a tough muscular look that many people love and its' styling is both aggressive and bold. It comes with plenty of power under the hood as well, with a 2.7 liter 6 speed automatic. No doubt that will give about anyone all the power that they want and need in this type of a car. Of course there is more to this car than power; in fact, there are a variety of great features available as well....

There are many great features available in the 2007 Dodge Avenger NASCAR that set it apart from many other of the cars in its' class. One new feature is called the Chill Zone, which is a special compartment that will keep up to four cans cold and it is in the front of the dashboard for easy access. You can also get a cup holder in the front that will either cool or heat your drink for you for drinking comfort. There is a special fabric that is being used for the seats, called YES fabric. This fabric is especially designed to keep stains from soaking in and to keep the seats looking great throughout the life of the car.

Several entertainment features are also available in the Avenger too. You can get the car equipped with a rear seat DVD entertainment center. It plays DVD's, CD's and even MP3's as well. A great stereo system is also to be had in this innovative car. The car also features special LED lighting to provide light in the back and front of the vehicle interior when it is needed, which is great for reading maps or for passengers that want to read when it is dark outside.

Not only do you get high performance and power with the 2007 Dodge Avenger NASCAR, but you also get all of these great features as well. With the sleek design and variety of features offered you may be thinking that this car is out of your price range; however, it is actually priced quite reasonably. The pricing of the Avenger is actually quite competitive and depends on the features that you choose, but you can probably expect to pay between $16,000 - $25,000 for this vehicle.

In essence, this car has been developed to replace the Dodge Stratus, which is no longer being produced. While it seems to be a bit of a knock off of the Dodge Charger, it also has a personality that is all its' own. This car takes safety seriously, and there are a variety of great safety features, including electronic stability control and side curtain airbags, as well as an ABS braking system and other standard front seat airbags. It is spacious and comfortable as well, even for those who are quite tall.

The styling of the 2007 Dodge Avenger NASCAR is definitely cutting edge, as is the technology that is used on the vehicle. For those who want a powerful car that has a hip look, this just may be the one you are looking for. So, next time you watch the Dodge Avenger Car of Tomorrow race, why not consider getting your own version of this hot car that you can drive on the street, enjoying the power and style that it affords you for an excellent price.

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2007 Dodge Avenger NASCAR