In-Depth Automotive Review - 2008 Honda Accord Coupe, Follow Up

Apr 14, 2008

Honda's new Accord comes to market with newer styling that takes things to another level. Honda's previous generation of coupe was a great selling car, sporty yet knew when to keep it conservative. I previously tootled around in the sedan version and was further impressed with its creative construction, a crucial take no prisoners mission. To further add to an impressive sedan, the new Accord coupe would have to take a couple extra measures to win me over. And I tell you, it doesn't disappoint. I give you the lowdown on this under the radar ride......

I was fortunate to review an EX model with all the cake and cookies, it was the one trim I was gunning for. If I were to describe the exterior, it would be one of sleek, over the top, and trend setting, of course all in a good way. I just could not help but put the new Infiniti G37 and BMW 3 series coupe in the discussion. For up to $10k less, one could have a stunningly beautiful coupe in the Accord, and perform fantastically with some of the best. But don't get me wrong, the Infiniti and BMW are built and designed at the top of their class. Moreover, I would not feel bad about taking the Accord coupe over the higher priced guys. The body and windshield are more raked, the front end is more stealthier than it's sedan sibling. All in all, it was more sports car than the regular Joe Schmoe passenger car, which the last generation clearly was.

Boy is this car quick, the V6 powertrain is phenomenal and quick to respond to all of my pedal intervention. One important thing is that the car did not feel as heavy as the sedan, and this made drivability and stability out on the roadways more taught and interactive. I wasn't worried about having to accelerate further on the turns, the car handles like a dream. Interior quality is above par yet again, and has no significant issues. Everything was easy to reach and the seating is comfortable if not more supportive, it all fits into the sports coupe niche. The only negative would have to be getting into the back seat, while seating comfort is not the main attraction for any coupe, it did fit a little bit tighter than I liked it to.

Consequently, I knew the new Accord coupe would be on my best of expectations, but I came out of the testing with more of a fondness. It was truly a great alternative to some of the comparably priced cars in the market today, and will win over many buyers with it's head turning facade and Honda's tru-blue engineering and quality. I truly recommended this 2008 Honda Accord coupe to many aspiring sedan aficionados. A break from the common sedan.

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In-Depth Automotive Review - 2008 Honda Accord Coupe, Follow Up


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