7 Most Logical Reasons To Get Up To 100mpg

Jun 9, 2008

I have friends in the UK who recently passed on some information to me.

They were sharing with me how much they have to pay for gas at the pump, wait for it, gas is well over $11.00 per gallon and diesel, which a great number of their cars run on is currently well over $12.00 per gallon!

It makes you wonder just how high the prices will go on gas prices in North America. Could we follow suit? Where will these escalating gas prices end up? Every week they seem to rising ever higher and higher, and every time they rise, little by little it's eating a bigger and bigger hole in not just my finances but your finances too.

Consider this, if you drive a car, any car or truck, whatever and it does 20mpg, now think about all those little journey's you do every week, how many miles a week do all of those journey's, those errands add up to? Then ask yourself how much all of these journey's and/or errands were costing you 12 months ago, 6 months ago, 3 months ago, 1 month ago and little by little you have no doubt seen a pattern emerging as each passing month has been eating quietly into your overall finances.

How many cars do you own in your family? One? Two? Three or more? Just how much are all of these journey's costing you month on month?......

Are you getting worried about keeping up with your bills, or your mortgage payments? Are you planning ahead? Have you worked out yet that in 6 months from now, if things carry on the way they are, that these escalating gas prices will be putting on your shoulders ever more extra worry as you struggle to meet all of your financial commitments? It's worrying isn't it?

What are You going to do about? Are you going to sweep the problem under the carpet, hoping that the problem will go away, or are you going to take some sensible action now, to start seriously saving some money and making your dollar work for you, whilst you still have a chance to do so?

Ask yourself this question. If there was a way to getting up to 100mpg, wouldn't it be prudent right now to start seriously considering such an option?

I'm not suggesting that I can save you money left right and center, but just thinking about all those little journeys and errands, well, the miles soon add up don't they? For example, let's pick a figure out of thin air. How about 200 miles per week, does this sound reasonable? Now divide 200 miles weekly by 20mpg, that's 10 gallons of gas per week and then times this by the amount that you are paying at the pump for your gas in your area. This will give you, on just one vehicle your weekly spend, outlay on gas that you are paying. If you have two cars, you can double this etc. Then times the figure by 4 weeks to get your monthly spend. It's quite a bit isn't it?

So, how does one get up to 100mpg, thereby at the end of the month saving yourselves a considerable amount of money that could be put towards much more important things?

Now, ok, I/we realize that this solution is not for everyone, but for a lot of you, surely it is worth seriously looking at and considering, especially now that the summer months are upon us with plenty of fine weather.

Have you ever thought about buying either a new or used gas powered moped or scooter? Now don't laugh the idea off straightaway, out of hand, have a think about this first, before throwing the idea away. We are talking about your precious finances here after all.

Modern mopeds and scooters today have come along a very long way in recent years. Not only are they very reliable, they're stylish too and most of them return absolutely astonishing miles per gallon, you will literally be blown away when you realize just how much money you could be saving per month.

Many mopeds and scooters are very nippy, achieving really quite sensible turns of speed, they're excellent modes of transport in heavily congested areas, dodging all the traffic jams and hold ups, lots of them have good carrying capacity with room to spare for your shopping or small parcels, boxes etc. For simply going to friends, they are absolutely idea and never again will you be stuck for trying to find a parking place very close to where you need to be.

It may well be that you still want to make a style statement and you feel that the design of many modern mopeds and scooters lacks some imagination, but that shouldn't stop you either. If this applies to you, have a think about buying a retro Vespa or a Lambretta or similar. There's no reason why you shouldn't still be able to look cool touring around town or city on your new mode of transport.

The best thing of all about these machines though is the sheer very high number of miles per gallon that you will be able to get from them. If you are worried about these escalating high prices for gas and you cannot see any light on the horizon any time soon, have a good think about it and I think you'll soon come to your senses, realizing just what a great option this could give you in terms of saving some serious amounts of cash. Notice that I said 'option'. No one is saying to you to give up altogether your automobile, that would be just plain silly, but for certain journeys, a moped or scooter could just be the answer to your prayers.

Isn't it about time you started to think more carefully about all your options to save money to spend on more important things like keeping your mortgage payments going? Buying a moped or scooter might just be your best option.

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7 Most Logical Reasons To Get Up To 100mpg