The lure of Las Vegas is universal. Movie actors and actresses, big time business tycoons, and even royalty are drawn to the city's promise of fun and excitement. There, they can opt to spend fortuneson gaming tables, the most beautiful suites, or the most exciting shows. But most of us only go to Vegas with just enough money for a couple of nights of fun and relaxation. We don't spend money equivalent to our mortgage payments on a night at the Strip. So what should we do to make our vacation at the Sin City a memorable and exciting one?.

Aside from choosing the right hotel, going to the best shows, or spending money at the casinos, the Las Vegas experience also includes driving around the city and drinking in the sights in the car of your choice. There's no problem in this, being that Vegas is a big city that offers limitless options when it comes to renting a car. You can choose an exotic car, a luxury car, a sports car ,or a classic car to rent for you and your companions. However, if you really want to make your experience memorable, then drive a car that royalty drive and feel like a royalty yourself. Drive a Bentley.

Bentley Motors Limited is a company that manufactures luxury vehicles, most of those have become classic cars over the years. Most Bentley cars have figured prominently in media, such as in James Bond novels and even the famous The Avengers television shows.

But Bentley's highest honor comes with the fact that it is a Royal Warrant Holder given by the British Royal Family. This means that Bentley exclusively supplies the Royal Family's cars and that Bentley has the right to advertise this information. In fact, as recently as 2002, Bentley was commissioned to build Queen Elizabeth II's state car, or the car she uses for official purposes, which is called the Bentley State Limousine.

What better way to cruise Las Vegas but in a car that has the stamp of royalty in it? There are hundreds of rental car companies in Las Vegas that would provide you with a number of options when it comes to Bentley cars, may it be classic, exotic, luxury or sports. The fact that the Bentley company has the approval of one of the most powerful royal families in the world is a testament to the company's excellent craftsmanship when it comes to producing elegant, dependable cars.

So when in Las Vegas, make sure to drop by car rental companies. Look at their selection of classic, exotic, luxury, or sports cars. If your taste veers towards the more sophisticated, a car that would give you the feeling of refinement and taste while cruising down Vegas' streets, then the choice is obvious. A Bentley is the car for you.

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