Could Terrorists Infiltrate Our Trucking System

May 5, 2008

Since the 9/11 incident, the US and countries all around the world has been aware of the danger of terrorist attacks. Anti-terrorism measures have been made to ensure the safety of the public. The lesson learned has just been fresh and it has made a mark in everyone's minds that every possible way terrorism can be spread is examined and guarded against.

One way that the US government is doing this is by being extra meticulous and strict in handing out commercial driver's licenses. Each person applying and even renewing his license goes through a background check. Drivers are also asked to give their fingerprints in this process. It has been recognized that terrorist could use semi trucks to haul materials such as flammable and toxic materials. That is why the drivers of such vehicles need to be checked and clearly identified so that terrorists would have limited chances of being able to carry and deliver dangerous materials freely. And if they do, they will be easily identified and traced......

The problem is that these semi truck legally carrying dangerous materials have labels on them saying what they are carrying. Terrorists will have an easier time identifying them as targets for hijack. Drivers can be ambushed and killed. And then terrorists will be able to take the semi truck with the flammable and toxic materials on it. They can then bomb several areas and kill many people. They can also contaminate the water system to induce much more harm to the public.

New technology has been seen as possible answers for the prevention of terrorist attacks and other activities. Through the use of GPS, the travel of the said trucks carrying materials prone for terrorist intervention can be monitored. This can be done since GPS can easily be installed. Should they go off course, they will be detected early on. This will make monitoring and tracing of these trucks when they go to places not indicated in their route possible. Another use for the GPS is, for instance, when the trucks needs assistance during accidents. With GPS, assistance can be sent immediately and cleaning crews will be able to clean up the place sooner. And with complete information they cleaners will have they will be guided on what they will be facing. And in result, they will know what to do when they get to the scene.

There's another device that the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory developed for this purpose. This device will be installed in strategic parts of the semi truck. What they will do is they can stop the vehicle as soon as it is detected to go out of its route or when the driver's behavior becomes suspicious. The device is capable of activating air brakes so this is capable of stopping the vehicle. Research and tests are still ongoing but still the potential use for this device is very promising.

Hopefully, with these devices and with prevention procedures in place acts of terrorism will be stopped in time before they hurt innocent people. And semi trucks being one target for such acts would also be guarded very well by the authorities and the truck operators. And with everybody's cooperation, things will also hopefully go smoothly without any infiltration of terror anywhere in the world.

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Could Terrorists Infiltrate Our Trucking System