Are Hybrid Trucks The Wave Of the Future?

May 5, 2008

With fuel prices just getting higher and higher, everyone just feels the weight of the expense of fueling their cars. If a person who only has one car to maintain feels this burden, the more that truck operators feel this pain that's burning their pockets. Imagine how many trucks they have to put fuel on day in and day out. Their trucks are on the road most of the day and sometimes even seven days a week.

But the fuel price is not just the only problem that these truck operators and everyone else faces today. The other big problem related to the use of cars is the effects brought about by its fuel fumes to the environment.

For these two problems, there is one answer. Hybrid trucks have been developed in response to these two dilemmas. At first, it was tested for military use. And then tests and development continued until these recent years that truck manufacturers have finally announced its soon release dates. These hybrid trucks have been showcased in truck shows......

Two of the leaders in this arena are Peterbilt and Kenworth. Peterbilt is set to release the first hybrid trucks soon. They will be available in shows this year and preorders are accepted as early as now. Peterbilt is also looking into entering a contract with Wal-mart. Should this push through Peterbilt will be getting a big deal Wal-mart being the second largest truck operations in the US today.

Kenworth, on the other hand, will be following Peterbilt's release of hybrid trucks. Even though it showcased its hybrid trucks earlier, the release of their brand will come second to Peterbilt's. The company has not reported any big prospects as of yet though.

The development and the news of the release of these hybrid trucks has got many truckers excited and eager to make the switch. Others are hesitating though because of the high costs of buying hybrid trucks. Still, with the savings it promises to give truck operators many of them still find it profitable and really worth to invest in these vehicles. Each hybrid trucks is said to give savings to them up to as much as $10,000 every year so it's just something that truckers think they should have. With such great savings, their business would be more profitable. The expensive upfront cost of buying a hybrid truck would surely be worth it because of the saving in daily fuel expenses.

What's also nice about using these hybrid trucks is that there would be less harm done in the environment. With the many trucks the truck owners and operators have, the impact would really be great. The environment would be saved and operators will also be able to save on gas money. With these two hand and hand, everybody will come out happier and healthier.

While skeptics are not as sold out on the idea of hybrid trucks, supporters who are very eager to update their trucks with the new hybrid trucks are ordering them already. This stir is quite great that more and more companies are vying replace their trucks with new hybrid trucks.

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Are Hybrid Trucks The Wave Of the Future?