Fiberglass Tonneau Cover

May 13, 2008

When looking for a great truck bed cover, the fiberglass tonneau cover is one of the more sought after covers on the market. These lids are strong, look great and protect your cargo from thieves and harsh weather conditions. They can also help conserve fuel consumption. With today's high fuel prices, that alone may make it worth your while to invest in a truck bed cover.

You may ask yourself, How is a truck bed cover going to save you on fuel consumption? The tailgate of your truck is convenient and most likely necessary. Unfortunately they catch the wind as it tries to glide over your truck. This resistance is a very big drag on your engine, causing extra fuel consumption. Put a tonneau on and the wind glides right over the tailgate with much less resistance. This is how they save unnecessary fuel burning. If you do mostly highway driving with higher speeds, the quicker you will see a return on your investment......

The fiberglass tonneau cover is a little pricey but that does not matter when you are looking to buy quality and get a good solid investment. They will last you a very long time. These lids are usually painted to match the trucks color. When ordering your cover you will need your trucks paint code which can be found usually on the drivers side door jam. Other popular locations are for Toyota trucks, on the drivers side door right after the C/TR. Ford is also on the drivers side door jam. Nissan is located on the firewall. Dodge may be under the hood or the drivers side door jam and GM on the inside lid of the glove box.

These covers really look sharp on the back of a pickup truck. They look heavy but are easy to open and close with the aid of struts usually on both sides of the cover. You should be able to open the lid with one hand easily. They come with keyed locking mechanisms to keep the thieves out and your cargo in.

Some of these covers come carpeted inside which will deaden the noise from bumps. Some have light options which comes in real handy when looking for something under the lid at night.

There are many types of truck bed covers on the market today. Some of which are soft covers, folding lids and retractable covers but the fiberglass tonneau cover is hard to beat. With their smooth sleek design and painted up the same color to match the truck they seem to appeal to many truck owners. I have even seen some of these covers painted with a mural on them. They look real sharp.

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Author: A fiberglass tonneau cover can be a great asset to your truck. Keep your cargo safe from thieves and harsh weather. Check out all these covers and more at this website. Fiberglass Tonneau Cover Also check out a chaper alternative called the undercover tonneau.

Fiberglass Tonneau Cover