There are a number of things that I like about the 2009 camaro, But will it pick up where the first generation camaro left off, or will it build a legacy all it's own, I think it's going to be somewhere in between, I don't see it raising eyebrows like the first generation camaro did.

It has it's good points, and it's bad points, I'm going to start with the good points about it, first of all Chevrolet has done a great job in the engine area of the car, using the best of new technology to build horsepower, and keeping it low in the emissions area, the 2009 camaro is a contender in this area......

The LS6 engine putting out a respectable 400 HP is a good place to start with the camaro, and the idea of optioning a six speed standard transmission doesn't hurt either, for a real muscle car freak like me a standard transmission is a must, if for nothing else, the added fun factor of driving the car.

The rear end of the car is reminiscent of the 1969 camaro, a good place to get ideas for the new camaro, but they could have used a few more ideas for the 1969 model, the 2009 camaro has a true muscle car look, with it's low slung stance, and body lines that seem to make the car look wider then it is.

The front end of the 2009 camaro could use a bit of work, it look to much like a foreign car, and not enough like an American muscle car, all you need to do is look at the new Dodge challenger to see what a true melting of modern, and classic should be, they have done it better then anybody.

The front of the camaro needs to be taller in the grille area of the car, and it should look more muscular, and less sports car in the front, it should retain the idea of a 1969 camaro in the front also, and it can be done, just think a little more like a camaro person, and less like a modern art person.

The interior of the 2009 camaro could not be more perfect, they have combined just enough of the modern, with just the right amount of the first generation camaro look, the center console and dash gauges of the car are nothing short of awesome, the work on the interior is beautiful as it can be.

The interior is very sexy, a long with being totally functional, it has the feel of an air craft cockpit a long look and idea of a muscle car of the 1960's, as I have said above, it could not be more perfect of a design then it is.

It could go either way, we'll see what the progression of the camaro brings over the years, with just a few small changes it could be a top contender for one of the best new muscle cars on the market, all Chevrolet need to do is pay a bit more attention to the people buying the car, and they will have the full idea.

It has just enough of the old to get my vote to be a real contender for the gold, it could use a few more engine options, the rear quarter panels are perfect also, but a little work on the tail lights wouldn't hurt the 2009 camaro, make them a little less import looking, and a little more muscle car.


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2009 Camaro - A Ghost - Or a Real Contender