The Basics - Running a Car on Water

Jun 6, 2008

Commonly known in the scientific world as Brown's Gas, water gas or water fuel is a derivative of hydrogen from water. It is always debated whether this can really fuel cars or if it only serves as a fuel booster. Well, the answer is both may be true. Water is now being tapped as a source of fuel. However, it should not be mistaken that the water in itself is being used to run engines and machines. What happens is that hydrogen is extracted from the water and I used to increase the capacity of gas. In some cases, the hydrogen is converted to another form which allows itself to become the source of energy to run engines.

The device used to convert water into a source of energy is hydrogen generator. It is something that can be installed by anyone and it does not require any modification to your car. This is also cheap in comparison to conversion of ordinary cars to hybrid since hybrid cars have more functionalities needed to have the conversion completed. The hydrogen generator is installed in the car's engine compartment and as a result, the hydrogen it generates sustains the mileage capacity gasoline......

Brown's gas has the power of hydrogen, just about the same with the power of hydrogen bombs. It is in this nature of hydrogen that the energy is drawn from. It has the strength of hydrogen and yet it is very stable as the chemical component of water, which is hydrogen dioxide. Believe it or not, hydrogen fuel can run a truck. It is also called HHO and if one does not want to use it as a main source of energy, it may serve as a blend with gasoline. Since hydrogen does not burn that easily, this translates into gasoline burning lesser than what is required. As such, mileage is increased.

It is reported in many studies that the usage of hydrogen gas or Brown's gas can increase mileage of up to 250%. Although the normal number is 50% only, this is still a big amount of money compared to using gasoline in its pure form. One should take note that many may claim that that hydrogen is used as a sole source of energy. However, it is disputed that this still needs to run with gasoline. Experiments are now being done to tap hydrogen as a real pure source of energy without having to blend it with gasoline.

Environmentalists will be happy if all people will use hydrogen power. This is precisely because the hydrogen burns cleanly. It does not emit harmful chemicals to the air as gasoline does. In fact, hydrogen emits oxygen when it is burnt. We all know that we need oxygen to survive. Needless, to say, everyone will benefit from the exhaust of hydrogen gas. Aside from that, there are no harmful chemicals involved in the process of making hydrogen gas or water gas unlike oil. Petroleum wastes cause poisoning and contamination to rivers and other water resources. However, hydrogen gas will only go back what it has taken from Mother Nature.


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The Basics - Running a Car on Water