The Working Principle of Digital Designs Subwoofer

Jun 15, 2008

Have you bought a new automobile or maybe you are planning to remodel your old one? Are you looking for an audio system for your new automobile? One of the important parts of audio systems is a Subwoofer. If you are planning to buy subwoofers then it will be interesting to know the function of the woofers.

What are subwoofers? They are the drivers which produce low frequency sound. The sound produced by them ranges from 40 hertz to kilohertz or higher. They are meant to produce low bass frequency sound. This means sound frequency below 35 HZ.

A car audio system should be of high quality. Nowadays music systems come with various additional features. The main sub-parts of a system are radio, compact disc player and speakers. The speakers include tweeters and woofers. The quality of the sound depends on the quality of subparts used in the system. The main part which supports the sound quality is a loud speaker. But there is a small difference between a general speaker and a car speaker. A car speaker produces low frequency output sound but the power signal is high. Due to this acoustic energy is generated. The acoustic energy produced has a bad affect on the output of the sensors. The common solution of this problem is installation of woofers on the trunk of the car.......

Why the woofers are installed on the back seat space. The woofers are generally big in size and there is no enough space available on the dashboard or the doors.

Do you want to have high sound pressures in your automobile? It can be easily done by adding woofers in the cabin. This competition is increasing every day and people are looking for latest audio accessories which help them in enhancing the quality of sound. Because of this reason the woofers are getting more and more popular.

If your car is not so big then it is a good idea to opt for small woofers. As high power woofers can generate high volume levels. You should be very careful while selecting the level of volume in the car. High sound level for a long period of time can cause hearing loss and other acoustic problems.

How car woofers are made? Most commonly they are made up of electrodynamic driver. A woofer contains a cone which is driven by a voice coil. The voice coil is surrounded by a magnetic field. The working principle is very simple. The current flows through the coil and the coil moves in relation to the frame. The magnet and the coil form a linear motor. Due to flow of current voice coil moves like a piston. The motion of the cone creates sound waves.

Do you want to buy high quality subwoofers. Internet is good source of quality automobile accessories. You should look for a reputed online store. Lots of people love to do online shopping due to various discounts and bonuses. By following some tips and techniques you can easily buy a right woofer for your automobile.

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The Working Principle of Digital Designs Subwoofer